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What is a cookie?

Today, cookies are used by almost all websites and are in many cases necessary to provide a specific service on the website.

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on the user's IT equipment (such as a PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) allowing the website to recognise the equipment. Cookies may for instance be used for the purpose of preparing statistics of the users' website use and for optimisation of website contents. A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information from the user's computer or spread computer virus or other harmful programs. Some cookies are placed by websites (third parties) other than the one stated in browser's address line (the URL). The contents of such cookies may be of a general nature, but they may also be, for example, analytical tools or embedded comment fields. This means that cookies are stored from parties other than the one owning the website.

Some cookies are created temporarily and expire at the end of the user session when the browser is closed (session cookies). Other cookies are stored on the user's IT equipment for a longer period (persistent cookies). When the user revisits a website, new session cookies will be placed in the temporary memory, whereas persistent cookies will be renewed.

Cookies at

At www. we use cookies for the following primary purposes; web statistics, sales and advertising, user experiences, and functionality.

Functional cookies are used to ensure that our online store works properly. We use these cookies to temporarily store information about your visit to our website, e.g. that you can put items in your shopping cart, place orders, etc.

Analytical cookies allow us to measure the performance of our website by generating statistics about our website's performance and visitors, e.g. Analytical cookies allow us, among other things, to see which pages are visited and where the traffic comes from. We use the information to improve the user experience on our website and to follow up on sales and advertising campaigns.

Marketing cookies are used to keep track of the benefits of online advertising and to deliver targeted ads when you visit These services may use third-party cookies provided by our partners.

At BRUUNS BAZAAR we use both first-party and third-party cookies. A first-party cookie is installed by BRUUNS BAZAAR while a thid-party cookie is installed by someone other than BRUUNS BAZAAR, such as other websites that provide content for our website or programs that we use to analyze.

We cooperate with and use cookies from the following service providers on the website:

  • Google Analytics and Google Adwords
  • Komfo (for web statistics related to social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube).
  • Shopify

Cookie consent

The first time you visit our website, you will be asked to give your consent for cookies to be placed on your device. You are free to choose whether you want to accept cookies or accept all cookies except necessary cookies, which are cookies that are necessary for the website to function properly.

If cookies change or the cookie policy changes significantly, you will be asked to give a new consent the next time you visit our website.

You can at any time withdraw your acceptance and claim the stored information around you.

How to delete/decline cookies?

How to delete or decline cookies depends on your browser.

If you use a PC, you may delete cookies by using the shortcut keys [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete].

If this does not work, or if you use, for example, a MAC computer, you must click on the link in the browser you use:

Please note that if you deselect our cookies, we cannot give you the best possible user experience on our website.

Processing of personal data

For further information about how we process your personal data, please see our privacy policy, which you can find here


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