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87 products

Bruuns Bazaar Men

Bruuns Bazaar was launched in 1994 and represented at the official show calendar in Paris in 1999 as the first Danish fashion brand ever.

Rooted in our Scandinavian design tradition, we embrace our heritage and aim to nourish our future path by adding glimpses of edge.

With a fundament in the essential tailored wardrobe, minimalistic meets eclectic, and modern masculinity is translated, as a core fundament of our Scandinavian aesthetic.

Fusions of sportswear and tailoring join classic pieces reworked with a minimalist finish.

The Bruuns Bazaar style signature breathes contemporary simplicity, cool comfort and relaxed elegance, founded in our passion for refined details, quality and fit.

The essential wardrobe upholds the Bruuns Bazaar legacy of quality and craftsmanship, while advancing a novel approach to unifying a casual elegance with modern tailoring.

Founded in contemporary inspiration, we aim to unite the zeitgeist, functionality and refinement to offer you a total Bruuns Bazaar men´s look.