APRIL 20, 2023

It can be difficult to find the right dress for wedding season, so we guide you to find the perfect dress no matter what time of year the wedding takes place and whether you prefer short dresses, long dresses, colorful dresses or long-sleeved dresses.

Long dresses
The long wedding dress, also known as a maxi dress, is always a safe bet. With the long skirt, you are already guaranteed a formal expression. Dress it up even more with a pair of high heels or make it more casual with a pair of flat shoes. The long dress works well both on hot summer days and on cooler autumn evenings. Explore our selection of maxi dresses for weddings below.

Short dresses
The short dress is perfect, especially for dresses in the summer, when the temperatures are high. It can easily be worn for other occasions and is easy to dance in all night long. Put on a pair of tights if the wedding takes place in the fall. Explore everything from knee-length dresses to mini and thigh-length dresses below.

Colorful dresses
If you prefer to stand out, you should definitely go for a colorful dress. A wedding is a perfect occasion to buy an eye-catching dress. You are also guaranteed not to buy a dress that looks like the bride's, and the happy colors will definitely rub off on the mood regardless of the weather. See our selection of colorful dresses for weddings, whether you want a colorful printed dress or a simple eye-catching colored dress.

Long-sleeved dresses
If you are going to a party on cooler days of the year, a long-sleeved dress for a wedding is a perfect choice. This type of dress also works perfectly if you want to be elegant but don't want to show too much skin.

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