APRIL 10, 2023

We can almost taste the sweet feeling of summer when the sun shines and the summer breeze strokes our cheeks. And even though spring has only just started, our excitement and anticipation are already high because we can finally reveal our vibrant and lively SUMMER23 collection.

We want to share our excitement with you and take you behind the scenes of our SUMMER23 photoshoot. A collection that will give your summer wardrobe a new, sparkling look with freshness from the vibrant green colors of palm leaves, the crisp yellow colors of the sun, and and the exuberant blue from the sea. 

Prior to a photoshoot, there are weeks of planning down to the smallest detail. Props and sets need to be prepared, poses need to be found, lighting needs to be chosen, and outfits need to be put together. All of this is done to ensure that we are optimally prepared so that the day runs as efficiently and creatively as possible. The day began with styling the model with makeup that exuded a warm summer day in Southern Europe, with sun-kissed skin and tousled hair filled with saltwater from the sea. Meanwhile, the photographer, together with the BRUUNS BAZAAR team, set up the scene with lights and equipment. From early morning until late afternoon, pictures were taken of each carefully selected outfit, with a focus on showcasing the versatility and style of the collection. And even though it is hard work, the mood was kept high with good vibes, good music, and lots of snacks. 

After the photoshoot itself, the work continues with selecting the best material, editing and refining images and videos. Now we are finally ready to present the collection. Enjoy the gentle summer breeze that rustles through airy layers of delicate broderie anglaise, soft, light fabrics, and crisp vintage colors. Find your summer soulmate in our SUMMER23 collection and let your mind wander towards charming seaside resorts in the enchanting summer landscape.


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